Haven Night Shelter was established in Cape Town in 1978.

Haven provides temporary shelter, physical care, rehabilitation opportunities, social welfare and family re-unification services to adult homeless persons who are committed to reintegration.

They do this by partnering and co-operating with religious institutions, organisations, welfare bodies, service providers, government departments, local authorities, businesses and individuals concerned with the care and welfare of the impoverished.

For more information: haven.org.za

HAAY is partnered with the Haven Night Shelter in Bellville.

Situated in Elsies River, Elim Night Shelter is a Christian based organisation which was established in 1997.

Elim provides accommodation, assessment, access to rehabilitation programs, social services, physical, emotional and spiritual support, assistance in job placements, skills development projects and assistance in the re-integration of the individual into society.

They do this by partnering with a number of organisations, religious institutions, clinics, rehabilitation centres, government and local businesses.

For more information: elimnightshelter.org.za.

Kwanothemba Workshop for the Disabled

The Kwanothemba Workshop for the Disabled was established in 1998 and they are situated in Khayelitsha

Kwanothemba provides skills training to differently-abled individuals, creates awareness to break down barriers and negative stereotypes aimed at the disabled community.

They provide skills training and workshops in carpentry, sewing and baking.


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